About Us

Falcon Group is a leading inventory management solutions business. We provide bespoke solutions for inventory just-in-time to companies all over the world, enabling them to achieve their corporate objectives.
We exist to provide solutions to businesses to help them manufacture, create jobs, export, and grow, in industries across Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

What We Provide

Since 1994, we have provided inventory management solutions to companies all over the world enabling them to achieve their corporate objectives.

Over $25bn of inventory provided to our clients


We operate in over 20 countries


We have 5 offices across the globe

Responsibility & Governance

We take our role in responsibility and governance very seriously. Our offering is underpinned by a proven internal risk management framework and we work with companies that meet our own rigorous standards in best practice.



Chairman & CEO

4 John Ahearn headshot

Group Vice Chairman CEO Americas


Independent Non-Executive Director

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