About Us

Our Business

We provide tailored and flexible inventory management options that enable large corporates and multinational companies to enhance growth.

What We Provide

Since 1994, we have provided inventory management solutions to companies all over the world enabling them to achieve their corporate objectives

Over $22bn of inventory provided to our clients


We operate in over 20 countries


We have 9 offices across the globe

Our 25-year track record gives Falcon real insight to understand the unique pressures some businesses face.

Many of our clients are large companies and multinational corporations. With 10 offices worldwide, we have a local presence in the markets where our clients operate, giving us a deep understanding of those markets and enabling us to provide experienced, tailored solutions.


Historically the majority of our customer base originated in the Middle East and Asia, but the Group has since diversified its business across developed markets and has bold ambitions to continue its global expansion.


We are a privately owned company free from short-term shareholder pressure with a long term strategic outlook. Our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients.


This understanding of both client and market not only allows us to further tailor our financing, but also means that we are a trusted partner forming direct and long lasting relationships with our clients.


We deliver an agile scalable and unique service that others are not able to achieve . We are highly responsive to our clients’ requirements, enabling us to quickly assess their needs and deliver a broad range of financing options to help large companies achieve their corporate objectives.

How We Operate

With a heritage spanning more than 25 years, Falcon has developed long and extensive relationships with leading banks, insurers, regulators, ratings agencies and professional service firms. Falcon’s bespoke offering is used by clients as either a standalone service, or in conjunction with existing supply chain arrangements.


We benefit from scale enabling us to tailor a range of options around inventory, its nature and location, which are not available from other providers.

Our future strategy

As an international company, the market environment and globalisation mean that there is considerable opportunity to further expand our business into new and developed regions.

Our business model is highly scalable enabling us to take advantage of these opportunities without compromising the strength and flexibility of the current and proven model.

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