Financing trade opportunities in the emerging markets

With Brexit continuing to make life difficult, British companies seeking new trade opportunities are going to have to expand their export market horizon, which means navigating unfamiliar – and potentially riskier – markets. Writing for GTNews, Emma Clark, Falcon’s Head of Business Development, discusses the ways in which specialist financiers can help UK businesses broaden their trading horizons, as well as mitigate risks in these markets.

Falcon Group hosts seventh annual Dubai forum

Falcon Group welcomed around 200 delegates from around the world to explore the non-bank financing industry in depth – offering the economic, banking, specialist financing, and corporate perspectives.

The forum, which took place on  17th April at the One & Only, Royal Miraj saw speeches from David Smith, Economics Editor of The Sunday Times, Emma Clark, Falcon’s Head of Business Development for UK and Europe, Gurpreet Singh, Head of Fleet and Corporate Sales, MENAP, at Jaguar Land Rover, and keynote speaker  V. Shankar, CEO of Gateway Partners.

In particular, the forum, moderated by Dubai One presenter Greg Fairlie, focused on “Specialist Lending for Challenging Times” – examining the role of specialist financing, the economic and banking landscape that makes it so crucial, and its impact on corporates.

Falcon helps lay out the future of British exporting

Has British exporting turned a new leaf? Or will the challenges of the current environment prove too difficult to overcome? In a roundtable for GTR Falcon’s Kamel Alzarka, chairman, Will Nagle, CEO and Emma Clark, Head of Business Development UK and Europe join experts from JCB, UK Export Finance, Lloyds Bank, Deutsche Bank, Aon Trade Credit and Sir Richard Needham, former Minister of State for Trade to discuss the future of British exporting.

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