Responsibility & Governance

Commitment as a responsible financier

We take our role as a responsible financier very seriously. Our financing is underpinned by a proven internal risk management framework and we work with companies that meet our own rigorous standards in best practice.
Falcon operates rigorous risk screening to ensure it only partners with equally responsible businesses. This creates a series of highly sustainable business relationships enabling Falcon to work with companies over the long-term to support their commercial objectives.

Championing industry leading transparency

The company has a culture of openness and transparency; it is at the heart of our integrity as a respected counterparty.
Falcon is rated by the two leading ratings agencies; Moody’s and S&P Global.
The company is also audited by Deloitte and undertakes operational audits by KPMG.
Falcon has received considerable international recognition and has received numerous industry awards for the high quality of its client services confirming our position as market leader.
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